Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum


The new Wessex Gallery, at the Salisbury Museum, opened in July 2014 to enthusiasm and critical acclaim. Metaphor has worked with Salisbury Museum since 2008, first to masterplan the Museum as a whole and then to design this spectacular new gallery, which is devoted to the Archaeology of Wessex.

The vision underpinning our work has been to make the gallery a Discovery Museum for every age group, temperament and learning style.  The displays unfold a double story – of history itself and also the story of how we uncovered it. The collection is wide-ranging, and includes the latest archaeological findings from Stonehenge, as well as rare Bronze Age pottery, Anglo Saxon jewellery, and 18thcentury letters and diaries. Throughout the display there is an emphasis on the people behind the artefacts, from the Bronze Age skeleton found near Stonehenge to the 18th century antiquarians who did so much to rediscover our pasts.

The new gallery opened in July 2014.