Paisley Museum

City Regeneration

During 2015 the project team, led by Metaphor, worked with Renfrewshire Council to masterplan Paisley’s spectacular Victorian Museum and Art Galleries. This was the flagship project for Paisley’s City of Culture bid. Other members of the project team included Page/Park conservation architects; BOP business planners; and G&T cost consultants.

Paisley Museum is a spectacular, 19th century building containing an exceptional collection of Paisley fabrics, scientific instruments, natural history collections, social history, art and ceramics. At the heart of the new Museum will be a new gallery with a weaving studio, and working jacquard looms. There will also be a new garden dedicated to telling the science story.

The Outline Business Case indicates a substantial return on investment over 27 years. An HLF application has been made to take the project forwards.