Kew Palace

Design and Content Development

Historic Royal Palaces asked us to conceive, develop and realise the Vision and content for a new kind of narrative-driven exhibition. We brought to life the story of Kew Palace in the 18th and early 19th century: this was where George III and his large family spent some of their happiest times before the king’s episodes of ‘madness’ unfolded and he retreated here out of the public gaze. We worked with a well-known radio dramatist, Jerome Vincent, to turn this powerful story into an audio drama. We inserted this audio drama into the historic rooms, combining it with film, graphics, artefacts and three-dimensional design.

The result is a powerful narrative that carries the visitor through the atmospheric context of Kew Palace, a Grade I listed building. Reviews described it as a ‘radio play in a dolls house’.

The new displays opened in 2006.

© Photography by Philip Vile