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Our response to COVID-19

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

The affects of COVID-19 have impacted all our lives, but we are here to help you make your spaces compliant with the latest coronavirus restrictions both temporary and longer term.

In 2020, we have helped our clients to:

- Prepare interim strategies adapting to COVID-19 government requirements including social distancing measures and additional sanitary provisions

- Reimagine their service offers to adapt to regulations and encourage visitors to exhibitions across different mediums

- Apply for funding applications for COVID-19 adjustments

- Identify opportunities for income generation

- Phase masterplan developments with fast track on phases for social distancing etc.

- Adjust their layout plans to suit COVID-19 regulations ie. separate entry and exit points, capacity studies etc.

Our commitment for the future: We are committed to supporting our clients through all stages of design to respond to the changing requirements as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. We ensure we stay up-to-date with all government regulations regarding COVID-19 and respond flexibly and quickly in order to ensure all our designs are compliant.

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