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Metaphor’s new exhibition, ‘Rodin and the Art of Ancient Greece’, has opened at the British Museum to five-star reviews and critical acclaim in the national press. 

Reviews have praised the immaculate curating of the British Museum’s Celeste Farge and Ian Jenkins.  They have also emphasised the exquisite placement of the objects, the way that the design has opened up the space to daylight, and the powerful and touching story of how Rodin learnt his trade from his admiration for the incomparable Parthenon Marbles.   In this exhibition two masters of sculpture, Rodin and Pheidias, reach out to each other across the millennia. Reviews: The Observer, 29th April 2018: ‘This show is brilliantly orchestrated with superb pairings, startling shifts of scale, and sculptures you can touch.’  Laura Cummings

The Independent, 26th April 2018:  ‘What strikes you about this exhibition is the lovely, easy panache of its staging . . .  The space has been transformed into a single, long gallery whose sight lines eventually lead the eye on to the great windows with trees . . .  This could even be a bit of a reprise of the extension of the Met in New York.’  Michael Glover. The Guardian, 24th April 2018:  ’Astonishing. Ravishing. Sublime.  I could add a lot more superlatives and still be understating it.’   Jonathan Jones. Evening Standard,  24th April 2018:  ‘If ever there were an exhibition that plays to a museum’s strengths it’s this one . . . The exhibition stimulates thought and reflection from start to finish.’

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