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Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Latest news from Metaphor.

METAPHOR AND NMS WIN INTERNATIONAL SCIENCE AWARD Metaphor’s 6 new science galleries at the National Museum of Scotland have won the 2017 Dibner Award for Science Exhibits. METAPHOR WINS PERTH PRIZES. Metaphor is joining the architects for Perth’s two cultural regeneration projects, the refurbishment of the  Town Hall (Meccanoo) and the Museum and Art Gallery (Hoskins). These are major portfolio project for Metaphor in Scotland, adding to our work at the National Museum and the Scottish National Gallery. METAPHOR PASSIONATE ABOUT PAISLEY Paisley wins HLF award for the city’s Museum and Art Gallery, following Metaphor’s Round 1 envisioning and master planning which made it the culturaL anchor for the City of Culture bid. It is also proceeding with refurbishing the Town Hall as a performing arts venue, a recommendation following a venue audit lead by Metaphor. 

PRE-HISTORY’S FUTURE IN PETERBOROUGH Metaphor has advised on the future of the remarkable Must Farm finds, England’s Pompeii,  in two parallel projects – a facsimile reconstruction of the remarkable settlement as an immersive archeology experience at Flag Fen and a Fenland Pre-history Gallery at the Peterborough Museum. A CONVERSATION  ACROSS TWO MILLENNIA Metaphor is designing next year’s major Auguste Rodin exhibition at the British Museum that looks at his relationship with Phydias and the Parthenon marbles by which Rodin inspired. Sections of the Parthenon friezes will be  shown side by side with Rodin’s sculptures.

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