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Victoria and Albert Museum FuturePlan

FuturePlan, as the masterplan was branded, created an intellectual underpinning to the Museum that everyone could understand.  

In the V&A's FuturePlan, we devised the museum as "like a city with quarters that could grow and change organically". Our masterplan proposed how this city could be rearranged to improve wayfinding and so that visitors could understand and enjoy the V&A’s content.

The plan also identified up to 50 smaller projects and recommended a programme for fundraising and delivering them. Since then, many of these projects have been rolled out including, notably, a new courtyard garden and a new welcome space. This Welcome space has become the stage for the V&A’s renowned opening nights.

Metaphor has completed a further 25 projects supporting the rolling out of FuturePlan.

The Observer reviewed the masterplan stating 'There is a clever new plan to make sense of the museum by treating it as a city, with its various quarters, circulation routes, roads, public squares and quiet corners. That is where the masterplan is so subtle. ...[They have] devised a strategy that will allow the V&A to flourish. 

Service: Masterplanning

Client: V&A Museum

Realisation: 2001

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