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Storyplanning the North West; Museums, mills and landscapes

Metaphor was commissioned in 2010 to create a strategy for interpretating the industrial heritage sites in the North West. As part of this project, we visited many sites across the Northwest and met with a variety of active and enthusiastic organisations and individuals. At the core of their message was the notion that the wealth of industrial heritage and history of this region is world class, yet under-developed, resourced and supported; that communities are disconnected and disenchanted with this history; and  that contemporary links must be made to breathe new life into this subject, engage with youth communities and re-engage with older generations. 

We proposed methods of branding destinations in the Northwest, whether they were buildings, towns, landscapes or regions with the ultimate aim of creating a coherent, connected, compelling story.

Service: Masterplanning

Client: Manchester Art Gallery

Realisation: 2010

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