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Museum of the Order of St John

Metaphor was asked in 2005 to put together a redevelopment proposal for the Museum of the Order of St John.  The Museum of the Order of St. John is one of the most unusual and most memorable museums in London. Its range of artefacts, its powerful story and its location all combine to create a powerful and atmospheric experience. The artefacts are always fascinating, and often also visually stunning. From whichever way we view them they add up to a unique assemblage that deserves to be preserved and communicated to the widest possible audience. 


One of the key intentions of our work was to show how the connections between the two histories – that of St John Ambulance and the Order can be made clearer and more powerful for the audience. This will be one of the important outcomes of improving physical and intellectual access to the collections.

Service: Masterplanning

Client: Museum of the Order of St John

Realisation: 2005

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