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National Railway Museum

Metaphor was invited by the Science Museum Group to develop a new long-term masterplan for the National Railway Museum that responds to its huge potential as a visitor destination. Two external changes prompted the need to re-imagine the space: the major urban development of York Central and the Council’s decision to close Leyman Road, an underpass that currently runs through the middle of the museum. Working collaboratively with the Client,

Metaphor proposed a series of ways to capitalize on the opportunities offered by these changes.

Our Masterplan included a series of Next Steps to be unfolded over the next ten years. The Masterplan we delivered was both visionary and practical, a re-focusing the Museum’s story on the role of railways in people’s lives that is underpinned at every stage by

solid business thinking.

Service: Masterplanning

Client: The Science Museum Group

Realisation: 2014

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