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National Museum of Flight

Metaphor were asked by Gordon Rintoul in 2018 to review the strategy for the National Museum of Flight, Scotland.  There has been an airfield at East Fortune since 1915. It has a strong naval defence history, operating firstly as a Royal Naval Air Station in WWI, and then as a training airfield in WWII and into the Cold War. It is also a site which has made history - in 1919 the R34 airship left East Fortune to make the first ever transatlantic return flight. The National Museum of Flight site is itself part of a much larger first and second world war aviation complex. 


We put this a plan together based on workshops with the Client team looking at the team’s assessment of the museum’s current strengths and weaknesses, and the opportunities that remain to be taken advantage of in the future. 

Service: Masterplanning

Client: National Museums Scotland

Realisation: 2018

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