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National Cultural Centre for South Sudan

Metaphor worked with the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport at the Sudanese Government, the British Council and UNESCO to support a new cultural project for South Sudan. After extensive consultation with numerous participants, we produced a report which set out a vision for making a place that celebrates South Sudan’s shared culture, history and heritage and is the basis for cultural development in Juba.


We described the process for making the project, bringing together shared stories and artefacts that embody collective memories and meanings. Collectively we created a vision of a place for everyone; a beautiful park, a cultural landscape and buildings at the centre of Juba, with spaces for performance, conversation, debate, display, learning, relaxing and celebrating common heritage. 


Metaphor’s concept report was used by UNESCO to present to potential funding bodies and donors. 

Service: Masterplanning

Client: Sudanese Government and British Council

Realisation: 2012

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