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Ionad Hiort, The St Kilda Centre

Working closely with the client team, the local community and consultants including Reiulf Ramstad Architects, Dualchas Architects and Steve Westbrook, Metaphor led the Content Masterplan of the St Kilda Centre. The aim for the Centre was to become a major cultural destination on the west coast of Lewis, in the Outer Hebrides.

We proposed that The St Kilda Centre would not be a conventional, object-led museum experience. Instead, by using a large variety of interpretative techniques, it would provide visitors with both digital and ‘real’ experiences, each helping to explore the wealth of available material that tells the story of the island. Methods of digital interpretation range from huge projections on screens, to individual VR experiences and smaller interactives. By incorporating films, artefacts, memories and songs, it would make complex histories and concepts accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds. 

Service: Masterplanning

Client: Ionad Hiort, The St Kilda Centre

Realisation: 2016

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