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National Trust: Hardwick Park

Hardwick is a ruggedly charming property with natural appeal. Its strengths lie in its versatility. It boasts wild landscapes, picturesque ponds and rich ecology, alongside beautifully designed gardens and a strong history that anchors the house in a fascinating era of change and development. It has the full potential to inspire and attract a broad crowd.


Yet some of these natural strengths struggle to find expression. The property has already set in motion steps to improve the ‘welcome’ experience by means of a Visitor Centre. The report Metaphor put together shows how these first steps can be extended across the entire estate. One key to this will be a strong meta-narrative that unfolds across the property, knitting together the landscape, infusing Hardwick with a clear personality and visual identity, and facilitating a more interactive engagement. This strong narrative can take on a visual identity that can be inscribed on the benches and footpaths, planted in the grounds and imprinted on souvenirs to enliven the Hardwick experience, and make it all the more memorable.


Our report represents the first steps towards a story-driven masterplan, which will ultimately improve visitor satisfaction rates and boost visitor numbers, as well as propose solutions that complement the Stableyard development. 

Service: Masterplanning

Client: National Trust

Realisation: 2010

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