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Blackpool Heritage Attraction

Metaphor led the team that developed the Vision, Story and Concept for a new museum of popular culture in Blackpool. This was the basis of an HLF Round1 Application in November 2013. In April 2014 it was awarded an almost unprecedented £13.5m because the HLF realised the potential for this project to stimulate Blackpool's regeneration.

Metaphor tested and refined the concept against proposed audiences, a range of possible locations, and the ambitions of Blackpool City Council. We developed a rigorous business plan to support the concept and to ensure its long term sustainability. We consulted with and presented to stakeholders within the Council and across the Community. Out of this work came a Vision and Concept that is strongly focused on the warm glow of Blackpool’s variety, comedy and ‘Noir’ sides but also on the aspirations of Blackpool Council and its communities many of whom live in areas of the highest deprivation indices in the UK.

Service: Masterplanning

Client: Blackpool City Council

Realisation: 2013

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