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Rodin and the Art of Ancient Greece, British Museum

Rodin and the Art of Ancient Greece opened at the British Museum to five-star reviews and critical acclaim in the national press. It has been praised both for its immaculate curating by Celeste Farge and Ian Jenkins, and for its powerful design. 


Reviews have emphasised the exquisite placement of objects, the way that the design opens up the space to daylight and the powerful and touching story of Rodin’s admiration for these sculpture that he first saw here, in the British Museum.


Michael Glover from The Independent said 'what strikes you about this exhibition is the lovely, easy panache of its staging, emphatic evidence of modernity in a building which has been drum-bangingly neoclassical since its inception. ...The exhibition's story is a good one, and it's well told.'

Rodin and the art of Ancient Greece is the third major blockbuster we have created for the British Museum, the other two being the Terracotta Warriors and Michelangelo: Closer to the Master.

Service: Exhibition Design

Client: British Museum

Cost: £500,000

Realisation: 2018

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