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Penine Lancashire Consortium

We were asked by the client to create a new welcome display in each of the 7 Pennine Lancashire museums and historic houses, including Gawthorpe Hall, Townley Hall, Queen Street Mill, Rossendale Museum, Blackburn Museum, Helmshore Mills, and Howarth Art Gallery.

Each of these welcome moments had to respond to its own collection, space and local story whilst also sharing a look, brand and shared vision that is playful and oriented towards families with children. We used a mix of media: illustrations; a dolls-house version of the museum that children could explore; light boxes; stage flats; a modern tapestry; and a modern cabinet of curiosities.

The new displays have been very popular and have increased visitor numbers substantially. The shared storyline ‘Money made, money spent’  also appeared on the sides of local buses.

Illustrations by Isabel Greenberg and Alice Pattullo. Models built by The Model Room.

Service: Exhibition Design and Masterplan

Client: Penine Lancashire Museums

Realisation: 2012

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