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Prince Regent Gallery

Metaphor were asked to undertake a Feasibility Study to demonstrate how the Museum could be replanned and redisplayed to better communicate the story and history of the Freemasons. We looked at the challenges and opportunities of the spaces and stories and submitted our recommendations. 


In 2014 the client invited Metaphor to look at transforming the Art Deco Prince Regent Room in Freemasons’ Hall into an additional exhibition space. The ambition was to allow for a better display and conservation of the historic collection on loan from the United Grand Lodge of England. This new space opened in 2016 and allowed for a major new exhibition telling three centuries of English Freemasonry and attracts additional and repeat visits.  

Service: Feasibility Study and Exhibition Design

Client: Library and Museum of Freemasonry

Cost: £800,000

Realisation: 2012 and 2014

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