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Michelangelo: Closer to the Master

This hugely successful exhibition sought innovative new ways to display Michelangelo’s art and explore its context. By carefully thinking through every aspect of the content plan, Metaphor balanced the need for a simple, elegant hang with the desire to allow all audiences to understand and engage with the content.

'Michelangelo' ran in spring 2006 and was short-listed for the 2007 Museums and Heritage Award for Excellence for a temporary/touring exhibition. Record-breaking attendance saw 160,000 visitors attend the exhibition, 21% of whom were first time visitors to the Museum.

Professor Lisa Jardine from the University of London on Front Row BBC Radio Four said 'This exhibition is magic. It's absolutely magic, at very many levels... What's wonderful is that nothing we say in a linear way on this programme can possibly do justice to this absolutely extraordinarily three-dimensional rendering of the life of Michelangelo. I don't know how the designers got their heads around it...'

Service: Exhibition Design

Client: The British Museum

Realisation: 2006

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