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Marks and Spencer, 'Marks In Time: Our M&S Heritage'

This project celebrated the role that the ubiquitous retail chain Marks and Spencer has played in our everyday lives for 125 years.

We worked with the client to write the exhibition script, choose the objects, design the displays and create low-tech interactives that appeal to a broad audience of M&S customers and staff, University of Leeds students and the general public.

In 2010, we were asked to create a permanent version of our temporary show on the history of M&S, Marks in Time. We reshaped the show to fit this different space, giving it the feel of an old M&S store. As before, we told both the story of ‘front of house’, the customer’s story, and the ‘back of house’ story of the staff and suppliers.

Service: Exhibition Design

Client: Marks and Spencer

Cost: £800,000

Realisation: 2009

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