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Anne Frank + You

Metaphor were commissioned by the Anne Frank Stichting in Amsterdam and the Anne Frank Trust in the UK in 2005 to develop and design a new Anne Frank Travelling Exhibition. The exhibition retells the story of Anne Frank for a new and younger audience, multi-cultural and facing many conflicts that resonate with the Anne Frank story, namely racism, bullying, isolation and the travails of being a teenager.

The exhibition used testimony from many young people from diverse backgrounds contrasted with interviews with well-known people like Thierry Henry, who described the problems of racist chanting at football matches. The dangers of racism, and where it can lead to genocide, are subtly juxtaposed with the stories of contemporary youth of today. 

At the heart of the exhibition is a facsimile of Anne’s room in the attic, where we hear a contemporary young girl of the same age reading the Diary. School groups always sit on the floor without prompting.

Service: Exhibition Design

Client: The Anne Frank Trust UK, Anne Frank Stichting

Cost: £250,000

Realisation: 2005

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