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Salisbury Museum for Future Generations

Salisbury Museum for Future Generations is major redevelopment project that follows on from the successful completion of the Wessex Gallery project in 2014. The project represents Phase 2 of a masterplan that sets out a comprehensive vision for the future of Salisbury Museum.

The interpretation plan is just one aspect of the work done so far to achieve the project’s key aims, which are: 

  • Restoring, renewing and repurposing the building, enabling it to show more of the collections and provide flexible spaces for learning and engagement. 

  • Creating a new Salisbury Gallery telling the City’s story from 1220 to 2020. 

  • Re-displaying the exceptional collection of ceramics within the context of the historic 17th century core of the magnificent building. 

  • Making the collections and building more accessible. 

  • Building the audiences, diversifying the income streams, and thereby ensuring the business model is self-sustaining. Creating a flexible space for events is central to this aim. 

  • Providing the necessary facilities (toilets, lift etc) to support the above. 


The design process has been iterative and rigorous, based on extensive audience consultation, application of best practice and collaborative discussions between all members of the multidisciplinary Design Team. Our goal throughout has been to balance elegant design interventions that complement this historic building with collaborative, engaging, accessible interpretation that appeals to all and brings new life to the Museum. The new year will see further development as we build on, refine and test our interpretation plan going forward. 

Service: Exhibition Design

Client: Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum Trust

Realisation: 2020

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