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Nelson Room, Old Royal Naval College

We worked closely with the Old Royal Naval College to create a new visitor experience for the Nelson Room, designed to bring the story of Nelson’s final journey to life. Now, guests can discover how Nelson’s body travelled from Trafalgar to its final resting place in St Paul’s Cathedral.

We designed the interpretation in harmony with the room’s architecture and rich history. It now features an immersive film, which highlights the mood of the nation in the wake of Nelson’s death – one of both celebration of his life and loss at the passing of a hero. 

Speaking to the BBC about the Nelson Room, Claire Kirk, Head of Collections at the ORNC, said:
“The new visitor experience will help guests to understand more about Nelson’s life and legacy, as well as learn about the area’s maritime history. I’d like people, once they see this room, to realise the connection with Nelson and Greenwich, and our part in the story.”

Service: Exhibition Design

Client: Old Royal Naval College

Realisation: 2022

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